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I didn’t get the job, but I did get a job

What’s up gang? It has been quite a time in Amelia’s life - ooh, it’s a doozy. Keep reading for all the juicy gossip and details of how things go for a 20-year-old college student.  
Well, first off, I applied for a promotion at work (the college newspaper, the Minnesota Daily) and through a two-month-long process, I learned a lot about the workings of the Daily. But all that came to a crashing halt last Thursday. 
As usual, I am exaggerating, but the core fact is undeniable: I was turned down for the job I wanted. I’ve come to realize that’s okay, though, because I got a job I believe will actually be better. Instead of being editor-in-chief, the leader and big decision maker of the Daily, I will be the second-in-command, the managing editor. I just found out today and I don’t think I’m supposed to spread the word, so shhhhh. 
Anyway, three other editor-in-chief candidates and I turned in our 20-page applications, then met weekly for two months with the manager of the Daily to discuss how the Daily runs and what exactly the position requires. At the end of those two months, we presented our strategic plans and ideas to the entire MNDaily staff; the staff responded to a survey evaluating how well we each did, and those results were sent to the Minnesota Daily board. 
Two weeks later, the other candidates and I spent six hours in the office, taking our turns giving presentations and being interviewed by the MNDaily Board. Definitely not nerve-wracking at all. The worst part was, we had to wait in the office for over an hour before we were brought down to hear the final decision at 11:30 p.m. 
While I did not get “the” position, I am actually really excited with this new position. I get the leadership aspects I was hoping for without all the pressure of making the final decisions. I sat down with the new editor-in-chief today; immediately after he offered me the position and I accepted, he went on to say, “Great, now here’s the list of things we already have to do.” So I whipped out my notebook and got to note taking. 
I would like to pause and say thank you to everyone who supported me through this. My parents, family, friends, and most of all, Eli, who gave me a wonderful letter of recommendation and ended up talking on the phone with my professor for 45 minutes (which is a crazy thought to me: my two worlds collided). 
So I got that going for me. In other news - remember that guy I told you guys I had a crush on? Well, we are officially dating now. Also, I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to be telling the entirety of Waseca County my dating life, but it’s news in my life, so you’re reading about it. I mean, if you made it this far in my column you obviously don’t hate hearing about my life and can handle the randomness of my column writing, so kudos to you. I won’t tell you his name or anything like that, but he is super sweet and lets me pick on him, so it’s a good time (sorry Grandma, he’s not a cowboy like we talked about). 
Other gossip includes my roommate/best friend has been having a stressful time in her life which has included demanding classes, fake friends, and stupid men, so I’ve been trying to help her out. 
And not to mention all of my classes are starting to assign final projects now, too, so that’s great.
Well folks, that’s it. Thank you for reading this week’s episode of random thoughts that were in Amelia’s head and somehow made it into the newspaper. 
My Determination: "Don't be a strong woman. Strong women weather storms. You want to be the storm." - Svetlana, Shameless


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