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Out with the table, in with Lizzie’s grad party

I don’t know about you guys, but it really is starting to feel like summer. The sun is out (most days), my plants are growing strong and I’ve pulled out all the summer clothes that I don’t like wearing but the weather forces me to do so. I only say that because I am a sweatshirt and pants person. I have so many sweatshirts that I have a closet dedicated to just them. I pick out and wear what I feel like fits the vibe for the day or goes best with my outfit. When being comfy is my chief objective, I choose bigger, baggier sweatshirts that usually are related to the University or Waseca; I have simpler, plainer ones when I want to look a bit nicer. But now of course I can’t wear my sweatshirts, which makes me kind of sad. It’s okay though, I keep my apartment cold so I can wear my sweatshirts when I’m home. 
I see that I don’t have enough to say about sweatshirts to fill this entire column, so I will switch the subject. 
The Minnesota Daily has officially started again; it’s been interesting. Because summer is slow for news at the University, we cut down our staff numbers and do not require people to come into the office for meetings or editing like we do during the school year. That makes the office seem oddly quiet. I only come in because now I have my own fancy desk that I can use; it feels good to have that instead of the rickety, leaning conference table in the middle of the room where most reporters spend their time while they are in the office. The editor-in-chief and I are reorganizing and rearranging the office and taking that old conference table out for a couple of reasons. Not only is it old, but not all of our staff members fit at the table when they’re here. Trouble with that is, anyone who is forced to sit elsewhere can really feel left out. Because of that, the table has to go; we’re all about inclusion. 
In more local topics, the seniors at the high school are graduating this weekend! My sister will be one of them, so my family’s weekend is going to be filled with party preparations, attending the ceremony and following party, and then the possibly dreaded cleanup. I am really excited for her and the other seniors - they have worked hard to get where they are today. Many of them have envisioned bright futures and will do well in life. A big memory for me is that my class’s graduation ceremony in 2021 was the first day (that’s right - day) that year we could be at the school without having to wear a mask. It was wild. 
As for the graduation party after, I don’t remember a whole lot. My sister has been doing a lot of work for her party, hand making decorations and personally baking some of the sweets. I don’t remember doing any of that, so I apologize for those who had to do that work for me. At her party, Lizzie is going to have pulled pork nachos which will be unique for a grad party but I am really excited. We test ran them a couple weeks ago ; they were really good. I extend my thanks to the food truck in Brainerd who gave her that idea. 
A lot of our family is traveling to come to the graduation/party and I am also excited for that. It’s kind of like a reunion for the family involved and I think it’s nice. Let’s hope the weather is good on Sunday for all the graduates and everyone has fun. I know I will. 
My Determination: “Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.” - Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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