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Spring, Easter, snow, God and camping

Happy Spring? I don’t know about you, but it is now pretty snowy up here in the Cities. I’m writing this on Tuesday, and it has snowed all day long. It was even bad enough that my one class for today moved onto an online format rather than meeting in person, which never happens. That is the one thing I miss about high school–snow days. It feels like the University never shuts down, and with online formats like Zoom, there now seems to be no excuse for skipping or not having class. Boo. 
But my roommate and I still ventured out in the cold and snow to get coffee because coffee is life and the brief period of suffering during a chilly walk to Caribou will always be worth it. This time I switched it up from my usual order of one of the “nitro” drinks and got a matcha cold press with lavender and honey foam; it was pretty good.  
This week is a busy one for me with midterms, homework, and work, but I am looking forward to going camping and seeing my family this weekend. It will be the first time camping in our fish house, as my parents sold our fifth-wheel camper and bought one of those fancy big ice houses that has the beds and kitchen so people can sleep in it (a somewhat uncertain choice in my opinion, I loved the camper). It will be interesting for sure. Four people and three dogs in one of those things - it’s going to be tight. 
My family goes camping every year for Easter, and if I’m completely honest, I like it a lot better than staying home. Yes we are a (mostly) religious family, and we would go to church if we were home, but I like to think we find God in the nature we surround ourselves in. Usually there is no one else camping because it is still cold out, so it is just the state park and us, surrounded by either trees or bluffs depending on where we go. And I love it. Instead of dressing up and having to look nice, eating our share of whatever Easter meal is served and sitting on the couch, we hike and spend time with each other around the fire. It couldn’t be better. 
I think I heard once somewhere that Easter and Christmas churchgoers are who save the church, that is, keep the church going. I don’t know how true that is, but I  find it an ironically funny thought. The people who go to church only twice a year are the ones that keep it going. Is it because it is a holiday so they not only attend, but donate? Besides that, I always thought it was a little hurtful to those who go regularly, whether that be every weekend or every day. Oh well, it was just something I heard. I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter. 
My Determination: “One man's ways may be as good as another's, but we all like our own best.”
― Jane Austen, Persuasion


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