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Deeply meaningful comments

I would like to thank the many folks who approach me and compliment my work as a writer. The most common phrasing is, “You do such a good job.”
Those statements of gratitude are deeply meaningful to me and trust me, I take them to heart.
I want you to know, however, that I am my own worst critic.  It’s part and parcel of writing for a newspaper that one has to keep “cranking out” the stories. Interviews and preliminary work for the next week’s paper begin well before the current edition is put to bed. Almost every time I go back over my work, I find something I wish I had changed or fixed.
Along the same lines, I have deep respect for the people who are willing to share their experiences, stories and perspectives. I see it as an obligation to do the best I can to condense their personality, character and accomplishments down to the written word. It is a genuine privilege to be entrusted with the task, and so I want to respond appropriately.
So, despite my perfectionistic cynicism, I have become rather excited about a recent development. The Minnesota Newspaper Association is having its annual convention this weekend; part of the event is announcing the winners of the “Better Newspaper” contest.
Eli and I are each up for three awards based on work we produced as individuals. The Pioneer publication is also in the running for overall excellence and for its sports coverage. Eli, his parents, and I are scheduled to attend the awards banquet Thursday evening. 
I have to say, the fact that the selection process is judged by a group of our peers adds extra meaning to the award. Publications from all over the state were invited to submit entries. The Pioneer’s work was categorized along with other “non-daily” newspapers with roughly the same number of subscribers. 
It will be fun to meet and talk with other news writers whose daily experiences are similar to ours. I am filled with anticipation, and can’t wait to tell you next week how it all turned out.


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