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A privilege to report the news

As many of you know, I was an English teacher at NRHEG Secondary for more than 25 years. Any of you who are former students, you may be interested to learn “the shoe is on the other foot” now, since producing a weekly column is a little like being told “Write an essay on any topic.”
Just like my students, I am now forced to consider what subject will be interesting to my readers, as well as what impressions I am willing to share. Given the (mostly) weekly nature of the assignment, I also have to remember what I’ve talked about before, and consider whether it’s worthy of further discussion.
People frequently ask, “What’s new?”
I seldom have a quick answer for that one, since, frankly, everything is new. Given the nature of my work for the newspaper, only my calendar knows for sure where I will be and who I will be talking with on any given day. Sometimes, depending on what I’ve been able to arrange, I have whole days open. Other times I am racing from place to place, barely managing to keep the schedule circumstances have created for me.
One thing for sure, I enjoy the community connections the newspaper is able to facilitate, and I feel privileged to meet and speak with the many people in our coverage area whose desire is to make a positive impact–or even simply to be positive people.
This week has given me many examples to share. In this edition is a story about the “BackPack” program operated by the Waseca Area Neighborhood Service Center (WANSC). We all know there are people in our community who experience difficult times; It’s a delight to have learned more about the WANSC’s determination to help–and about the many volunteers and donors who make that help possible.
Also delightful is the news that our community supported two successful blood drives over the past few days. Out at Farmamerica on Friday, and at Grace Lutheran Church from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. that same day, donors lined up to bare their sleeves. I found Kloe Wadd’s statement profound: “To give blood is to give life.” From the perspective of those holding the events, it makes sense that folks among us who are healthy and vibrant have every reason to contribute to a system which supports others whose bodies are in need of a little help.
A Red Cross worker informed me that about 25% of the eligible American population donates blood. Another 10% or so try to, but do not meet the donation criteria.
For anyone who stays away because of a fear of needles, just imagine how many needles the patients have had to endure: surely you can handle one.
For anything you do that helps others, thank you. Keep up the good work.


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