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Ruminations as the seasons change

I noticed long ago that I spend all summer wondering why I bother to keep my winter clothes, then all winter wondering what use I can possibly ever get out of those summer outfits. Only in spring and fall do I remember the merits of both.
Along with that, the 80-degree temperature last week brought other very season-related thoughts to mind.
There are more reasons than heat conservation to dress in layers.
Fifty degrees is not really all that warm.
There are some very good reasons why we rake leaves away in fall.
Sometimes “wind chill” can be a good thing.
Hard work can be a pleasure, especially as you anticipate its results.
Free time is improved with the freedom of movement warm weather brings.
It can feel really good to get your hands dirty.
No matter how closely you watch them, the flower bulbs will still find a way to surprise you with their blooms.
Springtime snow may not stay on the ground long, but it sure can leave a mess.
If everyone waited to plant until their neighbors were planting, there would be no seeds in the ground.
Millions of migratory birds can’t be wrong: Minnesota is a great place to spend the summer.
The bright sunshine whose company we seek all winter becomes something to hide from as summer approaches.
A long drive can be a science lesson.
The days become longer, but not always long enough.
Oak trees look much more friendly with leaves.
There are more reasons than catching fish to go fishing.
In winter, we think of a tree’s roots as giving them strength to withstand the forces of nature; in spring we think of them as delivering life.
Winter months seem longer than those of any other season.
The difference between a fireplace and a firepit is much more than only size.
Variety really is the spice of life.
A rainy day is a reminder how lucky we are to have solid roofs and transparent windows.


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