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Waseca high school one act play performers bottom row, from left: Allen Kopetzki, Cody Sieberg, Katelyn Robeck, Kylie Snow, Chelsea Richardson, and Thyme Lang. Middle: Sadie Schimming, Branden Busse, Sophie Farris, Lindsey Kopetzki, and Quinn Dahle. Back: Ava Norland, Arianna Krogseng, Nathaniel Andrs, Mason Wadd, and Cejay Pickett.

Waseca One Act Play performs

Subsection meet Jan. 28 in Medford
Has anyone ever wondered how to get out of roll call, give a presentation in French class without knowing French, party like it’s 1999 at graduation, or find a way for Tom Cruise to help remember how DNA works? Probably not. But those were among many questions answered in  Waseca Theater Department’s one-act play “How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying” by Jonathan Rand.
The basic plot of the story is four narrators — dubbed “agents” in this play — give a group of supposed eighth-graders a presentation on how to succeed in high school…without really trying. Scenarios range from reciting poems with dramatic emphasis in English class to organizing a protest against “dangerous” sports in physical education.
The play pokes fun at a lot of stereotypes surrounding high school such as the popular girl, the nerdy kid in algebra, and the jock.
After spending about a month preparing the play, the department presented two free showings Saturday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. and at 2 p.m. the following Sunday. Additionally, the cast and crew performed at the Big South Conference One-Act Play Festival in St. Peter Monday, Jan. 23 and will compete in one-act play subsections at Medford High School this Saturday.
Unlike most plays or musicals, a majority of the cast did not have set roles. The only set roles for this play were the “agents,” played by Lindsey Kopetzki, Arianna Krogseng, Sophie Farris, and Mason Wadd.
The rest of the cast were considered “ensemble agents” who were in charge of multiple roles. They are Sadie Schimming, Thyme Lang, Nathanael Andrs, Katelyn Robeck, Ava Norland, Branden Busse, Cejay Pickett, Patrick Howe, Chelsea Richardson, and Kylie Snow.
The crew working on the one-act play was stage manager Quinn Dahle, lights technician Cody Sieber, and sound technician Allen Kopetzki. This year’s one-act play was directed by Anna Pollock with the help of technical director Chuck Pollock.
Special thanks for this play was given to Chuck and Jodie Pollock, the Waseca Drama Department Board, Grace Lapides, Devon Lawrence, Joe Hedervare, and the whole of the Waseca Junior-Senior High School Staff.


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